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Inexpensive paragliding flight in Gudauri

Paragliding is the most exciting entertainment that can be found in the modern world for extreme lovers, or simply for people who want to experience adrenaline at least once in their life. Gudauri is the best place to go paragliding. What could be better than hovering in the clouds like a bird above the immense slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range at an unreal height? Probably, there is no such person who would not want to fly at least once on this miracle apparatus. If you are one of those lucky ones, this article is for you. You can easily order an inexpensive paragliding flight in Gudauri from our company SKYATLANTIDA.

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Paragliding allows you to look at mountain landscapes and see the world as birds see it. Skillfully using the currents of air, the weight of your own body will open the world to you from a different angle.

Flight cost


sightseeing flight

20-35 minutes (altitude from 2700m above sea level), available even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 70 minutes.



All inclusive flight (8-15 minutes), best views of Aragvi canyon, waterfalls, lake, off-road transfer included. Height from 2270 m above sea level, accessible even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 40 minutes.


route flight

35-50 minutes (possible only in sunny weather from 12.30 to 16.30). Height from 3200m above sea level), available even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 120 minutes.



8-15 minutes. Height from 3000m above sea level), available even for children from 12 years old, total duration from 40 minutes.


short flight

10-20 minutes. Possible only in sunny weather from 12.30 to 16.30). Height from 2200m above sea level, accessible even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 35 minutes.

Pay attention to weight restrictions:

— If your weight exceeds 80kg you will need to pay extra +50 GEL

— If your weight exceeds 100 + kg you will need to pay +100
— 120 kg — maximum passenger weight

* Available from 5 years old (in the presence of parents or guardians)
* The duration of the entire trip is no more than one hour
* The altitude, direction and duration of your flight may vary depending on weather conditions.

So, if you are with us, let's analyze what natural places you can visit in the vicinity of Gudauri.

The gorge of the Aragvi (or Aragva) river, which is located on the southern slope of the Caucasus Mountains. The valley of this river is distinguished by its unique natural diversity. The basin area of ​​this unique reservoir is four percent of the entire territory of the country. From a bird's eye view, you can see the connection of two streams of water - the Black and White Aragvi rivers. Here you will see amazing natural panoramas. For example, Zhinvali reservoir, Zhinvali hydroelectric power station, Tbilisi reservoir (sea), Ananuri castle. With the help of a paraglider, you can fly tens, even hundreds of kilometers. In one day there is an opportunity to see so many extraordinary places that you will not see in a week during a walking or car trip. Do you feel the difference?

The Mepiscalo massif is one of the most famous extinct volcanoes, at the foot of which there is a high-mountainous lake Kelitsad, in the upper reaches of the Ksani River. Mountain Arnika grows near the lake - a relict plant, which is listed in the Red Book. Wild animals of prey can also be seen here walking carelessly around Mepiscalo, reaffirming the benefits of flying.

Jvari pass: its ascents and lobbies will amaze you with their steepness. From here you can see the Chaukhi mountain range. And somewhere in the vicinity of Jvari there is an old Georgian monastery. It would take a lot of time and work to pass such places, unless of course you are paragliding! With the help of such an active holiday, you can see the entire immensity of the mountain landscapes.

And these are just some of the natural attractions of Georgia in the vicinity of Gudauri, where you can fly. You can also book an inexpensive paragliding flight to Gudauri, directly to the very center of this high-altitude and almost untouched ski resort.

Gudauri ski resort: a significant number of tourists from many countries flock here every year to admire the vastness of snow-white mountain reliefs, as well as snowboarding and skiers. The resort is located at an altitude of approximately two thousand meters above sea level. Here you can contemplate gorgeous mountain landscapes, cable cars, an abundance of all kinds of high-level trails for athletes or just amateur skiers. Freeride is very popular - the main attraction of this place, which is a descent from a mountain outside the prescribed route. This is the ideal place even for families with children. The picturesque surrounding world of this region amazes the imagination. For those who are going to look at the mountain slopes of Gudauri, paragliding is the most ideal option.

Monastery of the Holy Trinity (or Gergeti Monastery), which is located at the foot of Mount Kazbek. It is considered the oldest spiritual center of Georgia. A large number of pilgrims arrive there every year. In addition, the monastery is one of the stops on the path of climbers who decide to climb Mount Kazbek.

Vashlovani National Park is a national reserve with pomegranate and pistachio forests, as well as rich fauna and flora. Here you can meet both predators and representatives of harmless animal species. There are also two salt springs in the park. The local relief is striking in its remarkableness: from endless steppes to steep slopes, rocks and gorges.

The Cross (Gudauri) Pass is the main natural attraction of Gudauri. Tourists here can face danger in the form of avalanches, as well as extremely busy traffic. But if you are in flight, of course, nothing threatens you.

The Celtic Plateau is a territory of long-extinct volcanoes and lakes of volcanic origin. Only from here is the view of extinct volcanoes revealed (Khorisar, Shadilkhokh, Sharkhokh, Mepiskalo, Narvankhokh).

Only a negligible part of what can be seen in Gudauri and its surrounding area is listed here. The unimaginable beauty of the landscapes of this land can be seen only from the height of the flight. This is a unique opportunity: in a relatively short period of time to see an incredible number of famous places, many natural, historical and ethnographic attractions, as well as appreciate the flora and fauna of this region.

Now let's talk about two main issues that worry most tourists. And this is safety and price. Here we can assure you of the absolute safety of our flights. Experienced SKYATLANTIDA instructors use only certified equipment that is tested before each flight. Worn out equipment is immediately replaced with new one. Immediately before the flight, the instructor will tell you about the rules of behavior in the sky. As for the cost, if you order an inexpensive paragliding flight to Gudauri from this company, the price will pleasantly surprise you. The unforgettable sensation of weightlessness that flight gives you will remain in your memory for a long time.

Are you still afraid to fly? Just try it and you will never again be able to deny yourself the pleasure of feeling the fresh mountain air at an altitude of several hundred meters above the ground!

We are looking forward to your orders!

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