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About our team

Paragliding company Atlantida Ltd. (ID 401993955), founded in 2013 by a citizen of Ukraine, Mikhailuta Sergey Nikolaevich. From 2013 to the present time, the only company that officially organizes commercial paragliding flights on the territory of the Gudauri resort.

The company is time-tested! For more than eight years, guests of the Gudauri resort have been enjoying the unforgettable beauty of the South Caucasus from the height of a free flight.

For us, the safety of our guests comes first!

When buying a ticket, you will definitely get your flight insurance.

Flight equipment undergoes daily inspection, pilots undergo daily medical control. We use only safe launch pads for flights. The pilots of our company have the highest qualifications, international licenses, vast experience in aviation and paragliding.

The experience of our pilots allows us to transport passengers with disabilities, children over 5 years old, elderly people up to 65 years old, weighing no more than 120 kilograms.

All employees of the company are Europeans with higher education, speak Russian and English. In 2017, Sergey Nikolaevich registered the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia, and also opened the SkyAtlantida paragliding school. Now everyone can learn to fly a paraglider and get a license of the Georgian model.

At the moment, the company cooperates with qualified tourist guides, and organizes tours throughout Georgia, including paragliding flights.


Mikhailuta Sergei Nikolaevich

Nationality: Ukraine.
Founder of SkyAtlantida.
Flight director at SkyAtlantida launch sites.

• Sergei Nikolaevich graduated from the Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers.
• For several years he held the position of shift supervisor of the special vehicle service, after retraining and worked for more than 10 years in the Air Transport Operations Department.
• Has flown 1618 hours on AN 26.
• Has been parachuting since 1975.
• Having completed 2306 parachute jumps.
• Sergey Nikolaevich has been passionate about paragliding since 1991. Over time, Sergey's hobby became the main interest in the life of his family. His sons Anatoly and Dmitry shared their father's hobby and began to seriously engage in paragliding.
• Since 2012, the whole family has been living in Georgia.
• In 2013, the idea of ​​creating a paragliding company SkyAtlantida in Georgia came up.


Mikhailyuta Tatiana Anatolievna

Nationality: Ukraine.
Head of SkyAtlantida.

• Tatiana has two higher educations, a professional guide, a linguist, and a physician.
• In the past, she was actively involved in tourism and mountaineering.
• Active assistant and coordinator at launch sites.
• Tatiana has two wonderful sons who are the main pilots of the SkyAtlantida team.
• In addition to paragliding, he is fond of swimming and picking mushrooms.
• A pleasant conversationalist and just a good person.


Mikhailyuta Anatoly Sergeevich

Nationality: Ukraine.
Flying since 1999.
Head of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia.
Paragliding Expert - Flight Director - Instructor.

• Born into a family of aviators on the territory of Ukraine. He showed interest in aviation, in particular, in paragliding from his youth, in 1999 at the age of 14 he made his first flights.
• A well-known and respected person in the world of paragliding.
• Expert of paragliding sports in Ukraine, Georgia.
The current paragliding record holder of the mountainous Caucasus.
• Prize-winner and participant in international competitions (cups and paragliding pre-world cups).
• Professional tandem pilot - instructor of the SkyAtlantida school, trained more than 540 paragliding students.
• More than 6,730 commercial tandem flights.
• At the moment, the total flight time of the pilot is over - 9351 hours in the air.
• Organizer of paragliding expeditions and flight tours to the most extraordinary places on our planet.
• He is the chief instructor of the SkyAtlantida paragliding school in Georgia.
• Currently he lives in Georgia, is married, has three wonderful children, a loving father who enjoys every moment of his life.

Pilot licenses:
• FAI License No.: PG-0329-Dp (Expert)
• FPU license no .: PG-241-Dp. (Expert)
• IPHFG License No: PP PA0433881 (Expert)
• APPI License - No: 11319. (Tandem Pilot)


Mikhailuta Dmitry Sergeevich

Nationality: Ukraine.
Flies: since 2006.
Co-founder of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia.
Tandem pilot - Instructor.

• Father instilled love for the sky in Dmitry.
• He was fond of parachuting for a long time and in 2009 he began to make free paragliding flights.
• Responsible, educated and mega positive pilot of our team.
• Deputy Flight Director.
• Has flown over 3,850 commercial tandem flights.
• The personification of reliability and safety.
• She is an instructor at a paragliding school in Georgia.
• In addition to paragliding, he is fond of professional aerial photography.

Pilot licenses:
• FAI License No: PG-0396-Dp (Instructor)
• FPU license no .: PG-514-Dp. (Instructor)
• IPHFG License No .: PP PA0170718. (Instructor)


Nikolaeva Natalia AlexandRovna

Nationality: Ukraine.
Co-founder of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia.
Senior manager of SkyAtlantida company.

• Natalia is an environmentalist by education, but she found herself very well in the field of tourism.
• For 5 years now Natalia has been an integral part of our team.
• Responsible, creative person, our ideological inspirer.
• Will definitely charge you positively by answering your questions over the phone, as well as instructing our guests before the flight.

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