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Short paragliding flight in Gudauri

Gudauri ski resort is beautiful at any time of the year. The uniqueness of this natural site attracts tourists from all over the world every year. The panorama of the mountain landscape shakes with its magnificence. Walking in the summer or skiing in the winter, you will certainly experience an amazing feeling of lightness, which gives everyone clean mountain air. And the hospitality of the locals warms the hearts of travelers with warm memories for a long time.


Мы свяжемся с Вами в ближайшее время для уточнения деталей бронирования

Paragliding allows you to look at mountain landscapes and see the world as birds see it. Skillfully using air currents, the weight of your own body will open the world to you from a different angle.

Flight cost


sightseeing flight

20-35 minutes (altitude from 2700m above sea level), available even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 70 minutes.



All inclusive flight (8-15 minutes), best views of Aragvi canyon, waterfalls, lake, off-road transfer included. Height from 2270 m above sea level, accessible even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 40 minutes.


route flight

35-50 minutes (possible only in sunny weather from 12.30 to 16.30). Height from 3200m above sea level), available even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 120 minutes.



8-15 minutes. Height from 3000m above sea level), available even for children from 12 years old, total duration from 40 minutes.


short flight

10-20 minutes. Possible only in sunny weather from 12.30 to 16.30). Height from 2200m above sea level, accessible even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 35 minutes.

Pay attention to weight restrictions:

— If your weight exceeds 80kg you will need to pay extra +50 GEL

— If your weight exceeds 100 + kg you will need to pay +100
— 120 kg — maximum passenger weight

* Available from 5 years old (in the presence of parents or guardians)
* The duration of the entire trip is no more than one hour
* The altitude, direction and duration of your flight may vary depending on weather conditions.

However, you can get special pleasure from contemplating these places from a bird's eye view. After all, only from above all the grandeur of mountain landscapes is revealed. The Caucasian mountain ranges have long attracted travelers with their impregnable beauty. From above, an unusually attractive picture opens up. In summer, nature, immersed in greenery, caresses the eye under the rays of the dazzling sun. And in winter, impregnable mountain peaks with numerous ski slopes open up to the eye. Thus, flights can be made all year round, and every time you will have new impressions and unforgettable emotions.

Flying over the canyon, where the Aragvi River flows, one cannot but admire the grandeur of the picture below.

A short paragliding flight in Guduari will be one of those adventures that everyone will want to tell about. The site from which the air journey begins is located at an altitude of more than 2000 m. From this place, the pilot starts and flies in the direction of the waterfall in Arsha.

There is a legend that the locals pass from mouth to mouth. The waterfall itself consists of three waterfalls, which are called "Beard", "Maiden's Spit" and Men's Tears. The legend says that when two lovers found out about the impossibility of being together, they fell into despair. The girl, unable to bear this grief, decided to jump off the cliff. The young man did not have time to save his beloved. He could only touch her hair with his hand. Having lived to a ripe old age, the man did not stop grieving for his beloved, leaving a trail of his tears on the rock. Since then, according to legend, three waterfalls have formed at this place, testifying to love, over which time has no power. Tourists have the opportunity to see this amazing sight for themselves, soaring in the sky under the clouds.

What are the features of paragliding

Many people, looking from the side, can confuse a paraglider with a parachute. The fact is that that part of the paraglider, which is called the wing, is visually similar to a parachute. However, they have one fundamental difference - parachutes do not fly. With a parachute, you can only descend to the ground. A paraglider, on the contrary, is able to give a person the opportunity to make a long flight. It is thanks to him that you will be able to soar above the ground and go on a journey through the air for several kilometers. According to its original idea, the paraglider is designed specifically for flights in mountainous areas. Therefore, a short paragliding flight in Gudauri is ideal for him in all respects.

The device of a paraglider is quite simple and a good pilot can easily cope with it. Slings are attached to the wing of this aircraft. They allow you and your instructor to securely and firmly fix the entire system.

You are in good hands

Reliability and safety during the flight are guaranteed. The training of instructors does not raise doubts and fears for one's life. Their professional training has been tested by time and by many lucky people who had the pleasure of flying. A team of people who are truly dedicated to their favorite work work here. Convenient and safe places are chosen as launch sites. During a short paragliding flight in Gudauri, you can completely surrender yourself to the power of unforgettable sensations, without thinking about the specifics of the flight. The duration of a short flight is approximately 10-20 minutes, but the impressions will last for a long time.

How to prepare for paragliding

It should be noted right away that you do not need special training, there are professional instructors for this. All you have to do is follow the pilot's instructions and enjoy the flight. You do not need to independently influence the control of the device. The paraglider soars in the air, allowing you to enjoy the charm of Gudauri. As for your equipment, you should choose clothes that will suit the weather conditions. It should be comfortable, not hinder movement, preferably covering arms and legs. In conclusion, I would like to add that the delight that a person experiences when flying on a paraglider cannot be compared with anything. Only the sky and the clean mountain air of Gudauri can give such sensations.

Who are we?

Paragliding company Atlantida Ltd. (ID 401993955), founded in 2013 by a citizen of Ukraine, Mikhailuta Sergey Nikolaevich. From 2013 to the present, the company officially conducts paragliding training and commercial flights in the resort of Gudauri, Georgia.


Mikhailuta Sergei Nikolaevich

Founder of SkyAtlantida Flight director at SkyAtlantida launch sites.


Mikhailyuta Tatiana Anatolyevna

Head of SkyAtlantida Has two higher educations, a professional guide, a linguist, and a physician.


Mikhailyuta Anatoly Sergeevich

Head of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia, Paragliding Expert - Flight Director - Instructor

SkyAtlantida_Team_Dmitro_Mykhailiuta (1)

Mikhailuta Dmitry Sergeevich

Co-founder of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia Tandem Pilot - Instructor


Nikolaeva Natalia AlexandRovna

Co-founder of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia Senior Manager at SkyAtlantida.