Tandem Paragliding in Gudauri | Georgia

Paragliding flight for two over Gudauri

If you have long dreamed of an unusual, bright and emotional vacation for two, are tired of platitudes and are not averse to spending the weekend like never before. Or maybe you want to surprise your soulmate, we have something to offer you! Our team offers an exciting paragliding flight for two over Gudauri, which will give you an unforgettable experience for many years, as well as many beautiful photos.


Мы свяжемся с Вами в ближайшее время для уточнения деталей бронирования

Paragliding allows you to look at mountain landscapes and see the world as birds see it. Skillfully using air currents, the weight of your own body will open the world to you from a different angle.

Flight cost


sightseeing flight

20-35 minutes (altitude from 2700m above sea level), available even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 70 minutes.



All inclusive flight (8-15 minutes), best views of Aragvi canyon, waterfalls, lake, off-road transfer included. Height from 2270 m above sea level, accessible even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 40 minutes.


route flight

35-50 minutes (possible only in sunny weather from 12.30 to 16.30). Height from 3200m above sea level), available even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 120 minutes.



8-15 minutes. Height from 3000m above sea level), available even for children from 12 years old, total duration from 40 minutes.


short flight

10-20 minutes. Possible only in sunny weather from 12.30 to 16.30). Height from 2200m above sea level, accessible even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 35 minutes.

Pay attention to weight restrictions:

— If your weight exceeds 80kg you will need to pay extra +50 GEL

— If your weight exceeds 100 + kg you will need to pay +100
— 120 kg — maximum passenger weight

* Available from 5 years old (in the presence of parents or guardians)
* The duration of the entire trip is no more than one hour
* The altitude, direction and duration of your flight may vary depending on weather conditions.

However, if you don't have a soul mate and don't want to fly alone, you can join one of our instructors who will keep you safe for the duration of the flight.

What should you expect?

It is well known that Georgia is a country of contrasts. It is a beautiful country full of extraordinary sights, with a rich history, ancient roots and exceptional, untouched nature.

The people here are friendly and hospitable, the air is clean and you can enjoy a pleasant stay. One of these opportunities is paragliding over Gudauri.

The biggest and most amazing adventure of your life is waiting for you. You will remember this format for a long time, and it will warm you up on "heavy" and "gray" working days! And what about children. You can easily give them a real fairy tale!

Also note that you can book and take multiple flights at the same time. So you and your friends and family can take to the skies at the same time!

What can we offer you?

By contacting our company, you can make an absolutely safe paragliding flight together over Gudauri at any time and date convenient for you. No additional fees or surcharges. We offer several flight options at the best prices.

Please note that the cost of the flight includes video shooting using a modern GoPro camera. We will capture your flying adventure from start to finish and provide you with priceless footage and video at the very end.

Our team consists of certified pilots who undergo annual medical examinations and qualification tests. They don't have any bad habits. They speak several languages so we can easily arrange flights for foreign groups and tourists.

All our equipment is completely secure and checked the day before the flight and 30 minutes before the flight.

IMPORTANT! Each of our pilots always carries a reserve parachute! So if something unexpected happens, your life will still not be in danger!

We strive to provide our clients with maximum paragliding pleasure, as well as high safety and comfort. Our goal is your positive emotions and shining eyes!

Pilots are always guided by weather conditions. They will select the best days and dates for you so that you can enjoy the flight without precipitation and strong winds, without problems and negative emotions.

Before the flight, you must also be briefed on takeoff and landing and receive all the necessary equipment. The pilot will check its reliability and help you prepare for the flight. Including you will be prepared on a psycho-emotional level. After all, with us everyone can "open the sky"!

Price and flight categories

Depending on the season and preferences, as well as the experience of our customers, we prepare and offer several types of flights. In winter it is:

⦁ Short flight

Its price is 299 lari. Flight time is 10-20 minutes. This option is considered the best for beginners, as well as for children and teenagers. This is a great first experience, which will give you more confidence in the future and will be a good impetus for new and longer ascents.

⦁ Flight Overview

Its cost is 349 lari. Flight time is 20-35 minutes. A longer option for those who want to get a better view of the views and landscapes of the area, as well as test themselves.

⦁ VIP flight through the canyon

The cost is 499 GEL. Flight time is 8-15 minutes. This is an adventure focused on observing and exploring an ancient canyon.

⦁ Aerobatics

Its cost is 399 GEL. Flight time is 35-50 minutes. This is a great opportunity to try what free swimming is. Believe me, it's worth it!

Why choose us

If you want to experience for yourself what it is like to “paragliding together over Gudauri” with your family and friends, or together with someone special, we are professionals who will take care of your needs! By choosing us, you will get the best service, individual approach, a lot of positive emotions without endangering your life!

We maintain consistently low prices and do not forget about bonuses for our valued customers!

We always use safe flight areas and improve ourselves and our offerings. We pay special attention to comfort and quality for the service "paragliding flight for two over Gudauri".

Who are we?

Paragliding company Atlantida Ltd. (ID 401993955), founded in 2013 by a citizen of Ukraine, Mikhailuta Sergey Nikolaevich. From 2013 to the present, the company officially conducts paragliding training and commercial flights in the resort of Gudauri, Georgia.


Mikhailuta Sergei Nikolaevich

Founder of SkyAtlantida Flight director at SkyAtlantida launch sites.


Mikhailyuta Tatiana Anatolyevna

Head of SkyAtlantida Has two higher educations, a professional guide, a linguist, and a physician.


Mikhailyuta Anatoly Sergeevich

Head of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia, Paragliding Expert - Flight Director - Instructor

SkyAtlantida_Team_Dmitro_Mykhailiuta (1)

Mikhailuta Dmitry Sergeevich

Co-founder of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia Tandem Pilot - Instructor


Nikolaeva Natalia AlexandRovna

Co-founder of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia Senior Manager at SkyAtlantida.