Paragliding - affordable and easy sky conquest

Paragliding is an affordable way for everyone to conquer the vast sky and plunge into the world of freedom and beauty. You are guaranteed a positive attitude. Nothing can evoke the same feeling of freedom as flying in the sky. Therefore, people have long made a lot of efforts to rush into the sky and not in vain. Mankind has managed to develop so many inventions that allow you to fly: airplanes, parachutes, balloons, gliders, helicopters and many others. The same list includes a paraglider - an ultralight aircraft that rises into the sky due to a special design and uses wind as the only fuel.


Paragliding is closer to bird flight than any other aircraft, as paragliders are only built from fabric and ropes. It does not have a rigid structure, it takes off and lands with the help of the pilot’s legs, weighs about 20 kg and fits into a small backpack. Soon after the invention of the paraglider, such a sport as paragliding appeared (late 70s). Competitions are held in this discipline in different parts of the world, but this is a completely separate topic.

Initially, the paraglider was used mainly by climbers who were looking for an easy and simple way to descend from the top of the mountain. But now paragliding is available to everyone and there are more and more fans of this sport, despite the risks associated with compliance with basic safety measures. This is due to minimal restrictions, since control in this area is developed only in European countries. In fact, everyone can purchase equipment and master the basics of paragliding control within 10 days.

Paraglider or plane?

If you are afraid to go paragliding and feel more comfortable in an airplane or helicopter, then you should probably take a look at the comparison below.

  1. The paraglider is one of the safest types of aircraft, which is explained by the low flight speed and the ability of training wings to independently exit emergency modes.
  2. The weight of the paraglider is only 8 — 20 kg, which makes it easy to transport it in a tourist backpack.
  3. Many hours of flights over distances of hundreds of kilometers are possible without a motor, and environmental pollution.
  4. There are minimum requirements for an emergency landing.
  5. During the fall, you are unlikely to be crushed by parts of iron, as in the case of a plane crash, and you certainly will not be threatened with an explosion of a gas tank. The maximum outcome is the throw of the reserve parachute, on which you land safely.
  6. This is one of the cheapest of all existing types of aviation.

And this is not the whole list of positive aspects! In addition to the incredible views while paragliding, you will feel that you are free, glide through the air, feel its currents, temperature, like water currents. This feeling will be not only physical, but also mental. The resulting adrenaline will make you more energetic and relieve tension. Also, from the psychological benefits — the ability to complete a task such as flying, so many meters above the ground is an additional boost of confidence.

How to fly paragliding?

If you want to become a pilot and fly solo, then for this you need to take a training course that includes a theoretical and practical part. You will also need to purchase your own paraglider in order to practice and hone your knowledge.

But if you decide to just fly on a paraglider, then we hasten to please you — for this you do not need to study for a long time. There is a tandem paragliding where the instructor guides the whole process, which will allow you to experience the same sensations safely and comfortably and without wasting your time learning.

In Georgia, in the ski resort of Gudauri, paragliding flights are made all year round. Pilot training takes place between August and November (the mildest weather). This place has a unique microclimate for flying and of course, it is absolutely beautiful at any time of the year.

Most tourists are negligent in choosing a pilot, forgetting that paragliding is still an extreme form of leisure and requires special skills. The pilot must obtain the appropriate license, allowing him to take responsibility for someone else’s life. Unfortunately, the licensing system in Georgia is not yet developed, and in the absence of a regulatory body, flights have turned into a game called “roulette”. Tourists of Georgia trust intermediaries in promotional T-shirts who, for profit, send people to fly with novice pilots who does not have enough experience bear any responsibility for the outcome and quality of the paragliding tandem flight. Such tourists often leave with a stuffed ass, a broken leg, or just a bad impression about paragliding due to meeting a non-professional.

Be vigilant when trusting your life to someone, be it a paraglider pilot or just a taxi driver, but you must have confidence in this person.


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 At least once in your life, you thought about how wonderful it is to be a bird.

Enjoy life, fly safely and be happy.

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