Extreme paragliding or aerobatics - what is it?

In the world you can meet people who simply cannot live without risk and danger, lovers of extreme sports and record holders. Quite often they are called mad, some admire them and even make films about them. This craving for adrenaline is hidden in each of us, but in a sleeping state. We are held back by a sense of self-preservation, fear, insecurity, which, it is worth noting, are far from always negative phenomena, but rather a normal reaction to a real or possible danger.


In the modern world, technology has reached such a level that you can get your dose of adrenaline without much risk. Many young guys are fond of such extreme leisure activities as skydiving, jumping with a rope, rock climbing and paragliding. They create clubs, organize competitions and there are also companies that offer extreme entertainment to everyone who just wants to try it without learning this activity professionally.

This kind of entertainment is paragliding, where an experienced pilot flies in tandem with a passenger, performing extreme elements in the air. This type of paragliding is called aerobatics.

Paragliding or skydiving? What to choose?

A paraglider and a skydiving are very similar, but it is the differences that will determine their behavior in the air. The parachute is designed to slow down the fall to a safe speed that will allow a comfortable landing. In other words, it’s much more extreme, because you need to jump out of the plane, fall for a while, then you need to open your parachute correctly, and then land good. This requires special skills, that’s why before you make a jump you need to spend some time for learning and practicing. When you jump in tandem with an instructor, you rely on with him, but you still need to work in tandem, so still need to learn.

The paraglider is intended for a flight, smooth gliding in the sky, flights over long distances. You can fly down the mountain, and if you will catch of thermal flows, even without a motor, you can fly higher and further.

The paraglider is equipped with a soft two-shell wing, and the pilot and passenger have comfortable seats called “harness”. The pilot himself controls the speed and altitude of the flight, can perform maneuvers. 

The wing of a paraglider is made of a special fabric that does not allow air to pass through. Thus, the air, getting into the wing, pumps it, creating the correct profile of the wing, providing its aerodynamic properties, allowing it to fly.

Paragliding is comfortable, pleasant, and requires a minimum of effort from the passenger, namely, to run at the start for a successful takeoff and raise your legs on landing. The main thing is to listen to the instructor, who will tell you when and how to do it correct. During the flight, the passenger is completely free, can shoot video and enjoy the views — the pilot controls the whole process. And if something goes wrong, then the pilot has a rescue parachute behind his back, similar to the one with which it is make skydiving, but it’s going to be used only in emergency cases.

Extreme paragliding removes accumulated negativity

The aerobatic type of paragliding is truly created for lovers of adrenaline and emotions. The pilot performs maneuvers in the air that will make you scream, with turns and spirals. The peak of the program will be the Loop, during which you will make a complete flip in the air.

People who made an extreme flight for the first time noted that after landing they felt light, relaxed, as if they had dropped a heavy load from their shoulders. And it really works! That’s why some people have a desire to get adrenaline again and again. After all, our psyche become overloaded by stress that we got almost every day, and this method is the easiest way to slightly update yourselves.

The flight has a positive effect on the emotional state of a person, fills with harmony and peace of mind. Adrenaline, a feeling of freedom and the realization that the flight has happened, cause indescribable delight and happiness in every person. Therefore, we recommend everyone to get out of depression by this way, and not with the help of alcohol or sweets.

Paragliding in Georgia

Paragliding is becoming more and more popular in Georgia. There are several companies involved in paragliding here. Among them, SkyAtlantida, which conducts flights from 2013 to the ski resort of Gudauri, is the leader in reviews in TripAdvisor. The company employs licensed pilots from Ukraine and Russia who will make your extreme dreams come true. And most importantly, anyone can fly (unless, of course, your weight is 120 kg). In just 9 years of work on the territory of Georgia, the guys have ridden thousands of people and had only one insured event, where the guy twisted his leg on landing. Read more about the company

If you are a lover of adrenaline and thrills, or just want to forget about the daily hustle and bustle and reboot, then choose the extreme type of paragliding. Such entertainment will not only brighten up your vacation, but also give a good reboot for your nervous system.

Watch the video of extreme paragliding in Gudauri with the guys from SkyAtlantida Team in summer and winter:

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