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Book a paragliding flight in Gudauri

Today you can book a paragliding flight to Gudauri - it's a great way to spend an unforgettable weekend. At any time of the year, the Gudauri mountains will delight your eye with beautiful views. The beauty of nature will leave an unforgettable imprint on your heart, we will show you the most picturesque corners. Each instructor has their own special places. You have the opportunity to see the beauty of the Gudauri mountains from a bird's eye view with your own eyes.


Мы свяжемся с Вами в ближайшее время для уточнения деталей бронирования

Полет на параплане позволяет смотреть на горные пейзажи и видеть мир таким как его видят птицы. Умело используя потоки воздуха, вес собственного тела вам откроется мир под другим углом.

Flight cost


sightseeing flight

20-35 minutes (altitude from 2700m above sea level), available even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 70 minutes.



All inclusive flight (8-15 minutes), best views of Aragvi canyon, waterfalls, lake, off-road transfer included. Height from 2270 m above sea level, accessible even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 40 minutes.


route flight

35-50 minutes (possible only in sunny weather from 12.30 to 16.30). Height from 3200m above sea level), available even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 120 minutes.



8-15 minutes. Height from 3000m above sea level), available even for children from 12 years old, total duration from 40 minutes.


short flight

10-20 minutes. Possible only in sunny weather from 12.30 to 16.30). Height from 2200m above sea level, accessible even for children from 5 years old, total duration from 35 minutes.

Pay attention to weight restrictions:

— If your weight exceeds 80kg you will need to pay extra +50 GEL

— If your weight exceeds 100 + kg you will need to pay +100
— 120 kg — maximum passenger weight

* Available from 5 years old (in the presence of parents or guardians)
* The duration of the entire trip is no more than one hour
* The altitude, direction and duration of your flight may vary depending on weather conditions.

What is paragliding?

A modern paraglider is an improved version of a parachute that uses updrafts of air to soar horizontally above the ground. Experts call it gliding or free flight. Today, a paraglider is a full-size aircraft capable of lifting two adults into the air. It is designed to be as safe as possible, especially for passengers.

In order for the glider to glide, it needs to gain altitude. The easiest and most affordable way is to launch in the mountains. In most cases, this method is used in the mountains of Gudauri.

The second way to climb is to use an engine whose power turns the propeller.

Why visit Gudauri

Everyone who is somehow connected with paragliding has at least once been in the mountains of Gudauri and taken to the air. This is the only place where the weather is sunny and the wind is calm and even. Professionals believe that this is the most suitable weather for paragliding.

A team of professional instructors will help you "soar".

Our team

Hundreds and thousands of amateur and professional pilots visit the mountains of Gudauri every year. Our main task is to ensure the safety of everyone who takes off.

There are situations when a large group of paragliders take off at the same time, and such a situation can endanger everyone who is in the air or hovering.

We organize our flights in such a way as to reduce any risk to zero. All instructors have extensive experience in the mountains of Georgia.

How much does it cost to book a paragliding flight in Gudauri?

The price of a paragliding flight in Gudauri depends on:

- Season;
- Personal preferences of travelers;
- Will the instructor take part in the flight or not;
- Route and flight duration;
- Other services;
- Passenger's body weight.

For more information, visit our website or contact our representative to book a paragliding flight in Gudauri. He will answer all your questions and provide comprehensive information.

Helpful Hints

If you are determined to get a bright and unforgettable experience of paragliding over the mountain peaks, you should listen to the advice of professionals who have taken to the skies many times and continue to do so.

- Listen carefully to the introduction. It mainly concerns safety rules and behavior during takeoff and landing.
- Follow the instructions carefully. Your life and health depend on it.
- Going to the mountains, dress a little warmer than usual. Higher in the mountains the temperature will be lower and you may feel cold.
- The company organizing your flight usually provides you with all the necessary equipment. You may want to bring gloves.
- You should not drink alcoholic beverages. In some cases, you may be denied a flight.
- Take into account the state of your health. Those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases are not recommended to fly.
- In cold weather, it will not be superfluous to take a thermos of tea and a few sandwiches with you;
- Choose comfortable lace-up boots.

Paragliding lessons in the mountains of Gudauri

Your first flights are best made in the mountains of Gudauri. Here you will find everything you need for this.

Our team of professional instructors and pilots is always ready to help and advise beginners. Everyone who wants to experience the feeling of free flight and join the warm circle of those who love to soar in the clouds.

Whether you choose to fly in tandem with an instructor or fly solo, you will enjoy the beauty and sensations of being in the air that cannot be described in words.

If you are inexperienced and are taking your first steps, why not take them with a professional instructor. So you can get to know him personally and get some advice.

When you get comfortable, you will be able to paraglide on your own, but if necessary, we will be there.

The cost of a paragliding flight depends on the choice of the guest. It depends on the duration of the flight, route and personal wishes for visiting special places. For more information, please contact our manager, who can be contacted during business hours. We are open all weekends and public holidays.

We always warmly welcome new guests and our regular visitors.

Who are we?

Paragliding company Atlantida Ltd. (ID 401993955), founded in 2013 by a citizen of Ukraine, Mikhailuta Sergey Nikolaevich. From 2013 to the present, the company officially conducts paragliding training and commercial flights in the resort of Gudauri, Georgia.


Mikhailuta Sergei Nikolaevich

Founder of SkyAtlantida Flight director at SkyAtlantida launch sites.


Mikhailyuta Tatiana Anatolyevna

Head of SkyAtlantida Has two higher educations, a professional guide, a linguist, and a physician.


Mikhailyuta Anatoly Sergeevich

Head of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia, Paragliding Expert - Flight Director - Instructor

SkyAtlantida_Team_Dmitro_Mykhailiuta (1)

Mikhailuta Dmitry Sergeevich

Co-founder of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia Tandem Pilot - Instructor


Nikolaeva Natalia AlexandRovna

Co-founder of the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding of Georgia Senior Manager at SkyAtlantida.