When booking the Hostel Atlantis, the Tenant agrees with the rules and standards indicated below.
Hostel Rules:
1. Cleanliness and order are maintained by both Hostel workers and tenants who rent beds.
2. Smoking in the hostel is prohibited; it may be punished by a material fine of 100 GEL or by termination of the contract for renting a bed without refund.
3. When settling, the Tenant is obligated to pay a deposit of $ 100 equivalent in case of damage to the property of other tenants or Hostel Upon eviction from the Hostel, the employees check the condition of the Hostel and the personal belongings of the residents and return the security deposit in accordance with the results of the check.
4. No pets allowed at the hostel.
Accommodation rates:
1. Bed linen is included in the price.
2. The maximum allowable number of people living in the room corresponds to the number of beds and a sofa (6 + 2)
3. Upon arrival, the Lessee is obliged to provide his passport details.
4. Parking is free and is located in the immediate vicinity of the Hostel.
5. Any disagreements and disputes shall be resolved by mutual consent or in court in accordance with the law of Georgia.