AGREEMENT Tandem paragliding

Tandem paragliding

This agreement is concluded between the parties: with one hand Company Atlantis (ANATOLII MYKHAILIUTA), hereinafter referred to as the “Company”; On the other side of a physical or a legal entity which booking of service of the Company or to buy tickets for these services, hereinafter referred to as “The Passenger.” Booking or purchasing a ticket for the Company’s services, the Passenger agrees and accepts this agreement.

The Passenger is obliged to:

1. be sober and sane;

2. quickly and accurately follow the instructions of the Pilot;

3. shoes and clothes according to the weather, to avoid discomfort from the cold.

The Pilot is obliged to:

1. instruct the Passenger;

2. follow the instructions of the flight.

1. The Company has the right to postpone the flight, if given sufficient notice of the Passenger (no later than 3 days prior to departure) or due to unsuitable weather (by decision of the Company).

2. Delays in the implementation of the rules and conditions of this agreement on the part of the Passenger lead to a flight cancellation without refund.

3. If the Passenger has not reached 18 years of age to purchase a ticket is required the presence of a parent or guardian. If the Passenger under 16 years of age, a parent or guardian must be present during the briefing and flight.

4. Paragliding is an extreme sport and accidents can happen even with a qualified tandem pilot.

5. If the the Passenger too nervous, or is in a state of alcoholic intoxication during prelaunch dating, flight can be canceled without refund.

6. By purchasing a ticket or making an online booking, the Passenger agrees to meet with the pilot or representative of the Company no later than 10 minutes before the departure time on the ground take-off agreed in advance (in the summer time at the meeting place, or near his hotel, depends on the prior arrangement). Illness or force majeure are no exception to the rule. In the case of delays caused by the Passenger’s flight is canceled and money is not returned. If the Passenger has decided to cancel the flight for 1-3 days prior to departure, the Passenger loses 25% of the flight cost. If a the Passenger decides to cancel the flight on the day of departure – would lose 50% of the flight cost. If you cancel up to 2 hours before departure time money is not returned.

7. Tariffs of the Bank (or private agency fee) for transferring money is paid by the Passenger. In the case of a refund fees are deducted from the cost of the ticket or paid by the passenger.

8. The pilot has the right to cancel the flight without the right to a refund in case of suspicion of insanity \ disease \ drunk Passenger or Passenger’s unwillingness to follow the safety instructions.

9. Booking paragliding, future Passenger shall be obliged buy back the booking or make a money transfer not later than 3 days prior to departure (if you do not redeem it, – the booking will be biased after all paid reservations).

10. The pilots shall not be liable for the safety of personal belongings of passengers.

11. Buying a the flight, the Passenger is obliged to inform the Company and the pilot to take off on their medical problems. If the Passenger’s health does not allow him to fly, the Passenger is obliged to notify the Company and to cancel the flight (the Company is not responsible for the life and health of Passengers).

12. The Company has the right to delay, postpone or cancel the flight (in case of cancellation due to weather or the fault of the Company’s money is returned to the Passenger, with the exception of paragraph 7 of that agreement).

13. the Company does not guarantee a beautiful view and sunny weather during the flight.

14. In the event of a failure video equipment (due to technical problems) pilots and the Company responsible for the videos do not carry. But the charge to bring their apologies.

15. the Passenger has read, understands and accepts the above Terms and conditions, making a reservation or ticket purchase. the Passenger understands that there is a risk of injury during a paragliding for the person who buys the the Passenger ticket (booking of the flight). A further responsibility of the Passenger will be provide to the recipient of the ticket all the above understanding and acceptance of this risk.

16. Double discounts and promotions are not valid.

17. By purchasing a ticket (or making online reservations), the Passenger understands and accepts all of the above, the translation does not need. Flight video will be available for download on the Internet YouTube Channel at:

See you at the place of take-off!