Tandem paragliding in winter.


Hello, my dear friend!
– You have arrived at the ski resort Gudauri?
– Have you decided to fly a paraglider with an instructor?

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We are the International Federation of Paragliding and Hang Gliding in Georgia.
7 years of official flights on the territory of Georgia!
All flights are conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Federation.
In winter, the flights take place in the ski resort Gudauri. To make a flight you have to choose the type of flight, determine the quantity, date, book a flight. You will be given a ticket. Your departure time will be stated in reply, in accordance with the weather conditions. We fly only in good weather, so do not put off your flight on the last day of stay in the resort of Gudauri.

You will be provided with: warm clothes, gloves and helmet. Our pilots and managers speak Russian and English. In the flight, a video-photo is provided for professional quality equipment HD-4K +. There are flexible discounts for groups. Transfer to hotels in Gudauri – free of charge (transfer to steel places – negotiated prices)! Offroad tours on jeeps are possible.

All flights are conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Paragliding Federation of Georgia. The equipment undergoes daily inspection, pilots undergo daily medical control (all our pilots don’t smoke and don’t drink).


The winter season start from December 11 to April 19. From 20 April to 10 December – the summer season, prices on flights in the summer season you can see here.
Your flyvideo you find in our youtube chanel. Uploading time – 72 hours.

Your movie with flight on pinterest in winter:
Подпишитесь на доски (Надо попробовать полетать в Гудаури на парапланах)

and summer:

        Подпишитесь на доски (Надо попробовать полетать в Гудаури на парапланах) следующих пользователей Pinterest: Бурова.

prices for winter flights:
Standart flight – 299 GEL per person 10-20 minutes (hd-video inclusive)
XC-flight – 399 GEL per person 20-35 minutes (hd-video inclusive)
Aerobatic flight (ACRO) – 450 GEL per person 4-10 minutes (hd-video inclusive)
Economy flight – 199 GEL per person 5-10 minutes (video not inclusive)

To book the flights: mobile\viber\whatsApp:
+995 597 03 54 21
email us gudauriparagliding@gmail.com
We accept VISA and Mastercard.

– on the slopes of the resort Gudauri you can meet not certified pilots without a Federation license, or a self-made license, flying for little money “at a discount.”
We do not recommend flying with such pilots, it is dangerous for your health.
We remind you that you have the right to check the license of the instructor’s pilot.
The website of the Federation lists only professional pilots and valid licenses!
– paragliding in Gudauri became a place of earnings and fraud of intermediaries.
A lot of young people who are not pilots in T-shirts with the inscription “pilot instructor” will offer you to fly in tandem worth 250 GEL, lasting 10-20 minutes in the air.
The actual duration of this flight will be up to 8 minutes. You will be promised a video as a gift, but you will never see it.
Next, the guys in T-shirts will find for you a self-taught or not an experienced pilot (who will study with you) without having the licenses and certificates of the Federation.
Do not pay money if you did not get a ticket and insurance!
Ticket and insurance guarantee the responsibility of the parties. Remember, everything is in your hands and only you decide with which pilot to fly. Take care of yourself!
Have a good rest and unforgettable impressions!

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